June 2016,  In December 2015 we decided to donate the money we receive from scrap metal to a local scout group that was looking to raise funds for the purchase of a scout hall computer and tablets. To date we have donated more than £800.00
Some of our employees have kids in the scouts, actually some of our employees were in the scouts themselves when they were young. ABL Fabrication appreciate the importance of scouting organization with regards to the out of school activities and the learning achieved from these activities is all positive for young kids. Since December we have now donated the scout group more than £800.00, we believe any education or activity kids get involved in after school hours has to be a positive with regards to character building and life learning.
ABL Fabrication will endeavor to assist and continue to support the local scout group for the foreseeable future.
We will keep you updated on future funds raised.
Great news!
During May 2016 "ABL Fabrication Welding Engineers Ltd" have sucessfully achieved CE accreditation to execution class two.
So why is this good news ?
From July 2014 an EU regulation came into force which means there is now a legal requirement for all structural steel fabricators/welders to have an accreditation in place that enables them to CE Mark, (CE are the abbreviations of the French phrase 'Conformite Europeen' which literally means European Conformity) any of the 71 products covered by the regulation.
This standard is known as ISO 1090, If steel fabricator/welders don't have this accreditation they are now technically selling any steel or products that are for structuraluse illegally .
The main areas concerened with achieving accreditation are :-
  • All welders have correct qualifications.
  • Welding machines are calibrated.
  • The company appoints a resposible welding coordinator (RWC)
  • Implementation of a factory production control procedures.
  • Quality, and regular weld testing to ensure quality is maintained.
  • All steel and welding consumables used are themselve CE marked.
  • All aspects of production are fully traceable and controlled.
  • All welders will be qualified to BS EN 287-1.
  • Auditted by a UKAS approved auditing body.
  • Future surveillance audits to ensure conformity.
As you can see its a fair bit of work!
ABL Fabrications are proud to have passed the audit first time, and meet the standards required for accreditation. Its piece of mind and reasurance to all our customers that the products we manufcature are to the highest of standards.
June 2016, ABL Fabrication further commit to health and safety standards and have started the process of obtaining "CHAS" accreditation.
June 2016 ABL Fabrication are in the process of becoming "Construction Line Registered"
We'll keep you posted for any company news in July 2016.