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#0 /var/sites/a/ QDB_Adapter_Mysql->connect()
#1 /var/sites/a/ QDB_Table->setConn(Object(QDB_Adapter_Mysql))
#2 /var/sites/a/ QDB_Table->_setupConn()
#3 /var/sites/a/ QDB_Table->init()
#4 /var/sites/a/ QDB_Table->columns()
#5 /var/sites/a/ QDB_ActiveRecord_Meta->_init1('Content')
#6 /var/sites/a/ QDB_ActiveRecord_Meta->__construct('Content')
#7 /var/sites/a/ QDB_ActiveRecord_Meta::instance('Content')
#8 /var/sites/a/ Content::find('module=? ', 'home', 'en')
#9 [internal function]: Controller_Default->actionIndex()
#10 /var/sites/a/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#11 /var/sites/a/ Controller_Abstract->execute('index', Array)
#12 /var/sites/a/ MyApp->dispatching()
#13 {main}
dump from: /var/sites/a/ (511)
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